Mahdlo Youth Zone fitted with state of the art projector and speaker system!

Posted by Hugo Pickering on

We have done plenty of work for Mahdlo youth zone and this latest install was no different. Catering for the new extension they have had built to act as a multi purpose function room, we installed all new Ohm speakers to give the space emphatic audio quality. 

Furthermore, we installed and set up a state of the art projector system that was carefully measured and placed on an exact point on the ceiling to ensure that the picture being projected was not only to the highest pixel quality, but also ensuring that it isn't distorted in anyway as this is a regular issue with projectors and the pictures they provide.

Above you can see our shiny new projector screen up, running and (almost) ready to go, due to the nature of the site we were working on we securely wrapped the projector in protection bubble wrap so that it would not be damaged whilst other work was undertaken. Don't worry, we remembered to take it off once everyone had finished!

If you feel you could benefit from a similar installation, give us a call on 01254 377 007.

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