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At Livewire Systems we are very proud to be growing our range of hotels. we currently do a number of hotels up and down the country in which we have installed numerous different systems to meet the requirements of the client. From fire evacuation systems to extensive CCTV systems, our dedicated team has many years experience in the hospitality industry and would love to help improve your hotel in any way we can.
We are very proud to have worked side by side with Northcote Manor for nearly 30 years servicing, maintaining and consistently updating various different systems to ensure they can continue to provide the excellent service they're renowned for. Our team regularly visits Northcote to ensure everything is running smoothly and that they're all happy with everything we maintain as we believe that the only thing more important than good customer service is high performance and we always strive for excellence in both.
We maintain lots of different systems within Northcote who have been an invaluable business partner throughout the last 10 years helping us develop and expand our range of expertise. Within the stunning hotel grounds we are responsible for the following:
Multi room SONOS music system 
We have installed and continuously maintain Northcote's extensive SONOS music system which allows you to stream music from a number of streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music to different sections of the building at the same time. By suggesting and ultimately installing SONOS technology throughout the building we have revolutionised the way Northcote use their sound system and allowed them to truly better the service they offer to guests.

Full site CCTV system 
We understand the importance of a thorough CCTV system in order to keep the premises as safe as possible which is why we are always working side by side with the management at Northcote to ensure that the CCTV is consistently working to a high standard to maximise security. Our system ensures that staff and guests alike can feel safe and protected whilst on the premises.
Guest TV System
Guest entertainment is of course a top priority for a hotel and this is another base we cover. We have installed countless televisions throughout the hotel and continue to install more as the site grows. We also manage their Sky Sports and BT Sports system which links to every television on the premises.
Audio Visual
We also maintain and improve audio visual equipment throughout the hotel and restaurant area. This include the installation of projectors which are fantastic for events and conferences. Furthermore we provide high quality equipment for live streaming through various platforms.
     We also do work for Holiday Inn Express servicing their fire evacuation system. This is a crucial part of any hotel as the safety of the guests is ultimately the number 1 priority and is something we are very proud to maintain.
    Voice alarm and evacuation is a sector that we are very experienced in and is something we take very seriously.
    If you feel you could benefit from any of these services then please get in touch.
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