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Back to Business: Bringing Music Back to Retail Stores

Back to Business: Bringing Music Back to Retail Stores

Helping our customers to have their systems up to date in a post-pandemic UK is important for our team and this week was no exception.  

Our team was called to Batley, Leeds to Loom Loft. Having previously worked for @loomloft_furniture_interiors at their Clitheroe store, we understood the importance of having a tidy and professional installation. Like their Clitheroe store, we wanted to design a background music system that sounded fantastic to help Loom Loft to create a welcoming atmosphere for their customers.  


Loom Loft is a fantastic company, and we love helping them with any of their sound and communication problems. Loom loft is going to see many clients' post-pandemic and is likely to be busy helping their customers to furnish their homes, so it was essential for them to have a background music system that fit with their aesthetic. 


Ahead of a busy summer, Loom Loft asked us to install a new background music system for their large store in Batley, Leeds. This complies with all the requirements for a background music system and was designed specifically for this store. 

The low ceilings in this building can make it difficult to achieve even coverage of background music. For our team, this was not a problem. They had already worked hard to design and specify the requirements of this system in our offices and were able to navigate the low ceilings to create a great sounding system that the customer was happy with. 

We feel honoured to be asked to help this store, and it is fantastic to be helping local shops and businesses to thrive again.  

You can find out more about our Background Music Installations and Servicing and how we can help your business on our retail page. 


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