Places of Worship

We understand how important places of worship are within the community, therefore we ensure to always have a technically sympathetic approach to installing and maintaining these monumental buildings.

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Sporting Stadiums and Venues

Our trusted team has many years worth of experience installing and maintaining tailor-made Public Address Systems that adhere to the Green Guide...

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Hospitality Venues

At Livewire Systems we install, maintain and service tailor made systems for a number of hospitality venues. We work alongside our clients to create a unique and immersive experience for their guests.

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At Livewire Systems we are part of the local community and we recognise that every event requires precision planning to ensure that it runs perfectly.

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About Us

At Livewire Systems we have an innovative and hard working team ready to help you with your sound and communication needs. With over 50 years of collective experience, we recognise the importance of personally designing and installing every system to the needs and requirements of our clients...

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Our team are committed to providing an efficient and high quality service to every establishment that we take care of. We work closely with our clients to identify their business' needs and provide the correct equipment for their establishment whilst ensuring that they understand what we are doing and how to use their systems correctly.


At Livewire Systems we offer all of our clients to have their systems proactively maintained by our team who will provide help and assistance on any problem that you have with your sound and communication system.


At Livewire Systems we understand the importance in having value for money from your system and maintaining its lifespan and quality. We offer a regular check-up service to ensure that your system is working correctly and is serviced by one of our experienced team of technicians.


We are a multi- disciplined company with the aim to help you to get every message heard. From installations for a full- capacity sports ground to small equipment improvements at a church or office, we have the ability to help you to improve your establishment.
CCTV Systems

Have the ability to keep your establishment as safe and secure as possible by installing a CCTV System that is designed specifically for you.

Sound Systems

Revolutionise how people hear you and experience their surroundings by playing music in every room with a multi-room music system.

Hearing Loop

Ensure that everybody who comes to your business or establishment gets to experience your venue by fitting a hearing loop system.

Intercom Systems

Where an off- the shelf intercom or audio system is not available, we can design, customise and create systems that perform specialised tasks.

Sound Masking

Protect your speech privacy,  improve workplace acoustics and create a less distracting workplace with a Sound Masking System.

Voice Evacuation

Be able to alert people with a voice alarm and evacuation system by broadcasting emergency and non-emergency messages.

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Unit 18 Hamilton Street


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"Excellent and professional services provided by both Sid and John. All electrical contracted work carried out with professionalism"