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Audio Visual 

Communicate efficiently and effectively to audiences of any size with an audio visual installation with an array of equipment such as projection equipment and interactive whiteboards.


Background Music

Revolutionise how people hear you and experience their surroundings by playing music in every room with a multi-room music system.


Commercial CCTV

Have the ability to keep your establishment as safe and secure as possible by installing a CCTV System that is designed specifically for you.


Emergency Intercom

Help to protect your employees, customers and residents and help them to get to safety if there is an emergency. 


Hearing Assistance

Ensure that everybody who comes to your business or establishment gets to experience your venue by fitting a hearing assistance system.


Maintenance and Servicing

Guarantee that your equipment and systems are working correctly and safely when you need to use them by having your system regularly inspected, repaired and maintained by our team.


PAT Testing

Ensure that your appliances and equipment are safe for your customers and employees by having them regularly inspected and tested by our team.


Public Address

Provide an efficient method of addressing and communicating to staff, customers, large audiences and customers throughout any size of building or on a zonal basis.


Sound Masking

Protect your workplace privacy and how far conversations can be heard, whilst improving workplace acoustics and creating a less distracting workplace.


Specialist Intercom

Where an off-the-shelf intercom or audio system is not available, we can design, customise and create systems that perform specialised tasks.



Contact our team if you work in the industry and need help with installations, maintenance or servicing. We have the necessary skills and experience to help your company with most sound and communication systems.


Voice Alarm

Be able to alert people with a voice alarm and evacuation system by broadcasting emergency and non-emergency messages in public places, healthcare settings, manufacturing sites, transport links, schools and offices.