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Public Address Systems (PA Systems) can be used in any public venue that wants to get their message across. These systems are incredibly useful in many venues, whether it is a retail store alerting staff to come to tills, or a full- capacity sports stadium announcing their results, both require expert planning to ensure that they function correctly. 
With over 50 years worth of experience, the team at Livewire Systems know (a thing or two) about designing, installing, maintaining and servicing PA and Sound Systems. The expertise level of our team means that every system that we install will be high quality, cost-effective and as reliable as possible. 

The Livewire Systems' Team are proud of their positive reputation across a large number of establishments and owing to this, we take pride in every installation and servicing job that we are part of. Whether this is installing a PA system at the Ashes Cricket Test Match in 2019, or creating a bespoke system for a local business, we ensure that all of our clients are happy with their system and know how to use it correctly.
Should your business only need a PA system for an event we can help! Our dedicated team members brought sound to the runners at Blackburn Winter Warmer in 2019 and allowed the organisers to announce safety procedures and provide both pre and post race entertainment.
If you have a job enquiry about any of our systems or servicing 
we can help you!
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