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Public address systems (sometimes called PA systems or Tannoy systems) are used in many public buildings and workplaces such as factories, schools, houses of worship, retail, auction houses, offices and civic buildings, distribution centres, sports and leisure facilities, doctors surgeries and transportation hubs. If these systems are designed and installed correctly they can provide an efficient method of communicating to staff, customers and the public throughout any size of building or on a zonal basis.

What Can Public Address Systems Do?

These systems are very versatile and have the ability to be adapted to suit the needs of any establishment. Our team have the experience and knowledge to design a system that can:

  • Integrate your PA System with existing phone lines to allow announcements to be broadcasted from an internal phone
  • Integrate with control equipment to form a classroom or shift change system and have the ability to alert people to emergency situations or to a school lockdown. 
  • Pre-record messages to play at scheduled intervals that can be triggered to play in certain situations, such as if there are advertisements, safety announcements or if a fire alarm is triggered. 
  • Play from a variety of local music inputs, Bluetooth connectivity, or DAB radio tuners and can be fully integrated with background music systems
  • Integrate your public address system into security and CCTV installations to create a live presence and an early deterrent- if this is something that you require, we can install the CCTV system or adapt your existing one. 


Previous Installations

Our team has a breadth of knowledge and experience in designing and installing a variety of Public Address Systems in factories, places of worship, retail, offices, distribution centres and sports grounds. During these installations, we have designed various setups for a vast array of scenarios and buildings, allowing the system to be a multi-functional asset.  Our positive reputation and expertise allow us to regularly work in a variety of establishments and at big events including installing the public address system at the Ashes Cricket Test Matches in 2019.   

Public Address Service and Maintenance

If there is one lesson we learn every day, it is that a little maintenance can go a long way. We regularly attend to faults and failures which could have been averted if the system had been properly and regularly maintained. Small faults and niggles can quickly escalate to full-blown system failures which can then be costly and inconvenient to repair.  Many issues with public address systems are primarily due to poorly designed or badly installed setups and a lack of routine maintenance. Setups that are crackly, intermittent, or just not set to the correct volume level will have a significant adverse effect on listeners. Having your systems serviced regularly is important, and we offer all new and existing clients access to our Maintenance and Annual Check-up services. We have been contacted regarding Public Address systems that have been encountering issues with their reliability and performance, and many of these issues could have been prevented with routine maintenance and servicing. We have attended to systems that have had layers of dust and grime sat on the equipment which can hinder the system cooling correctly and can damage the fans, amplifiers and control equipment resulting in a shorter life span of the system, reducing the return on your investment and costing you more money. This scenario demonstrates how our maintenance and servicing will have a positive effect on your investment and ensure that it operates correctly. 


How can we help you? 

We offer many sound and communication options to many different business sectors.

To discuss how your business could benefit from having a new installation or an existing system serviced or upgraded, contact our team via email, or call us directly on 01254 377 007.