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Annual Servicing

It is important to keep your systems in fantastic condition. To help get the longest life out of your installation, we recommend that sound and communication systems are serviced every 6- 12 months. This can help to prevent any big faults and allow small issues to be resolved before they can escalate. If you have any questions about our annual servicing, please contact our team. 

Emergency Maintenance and Servicing 

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in this area and can always help in fault finding, repairing, and servicing of any existing systems which have fallen into disrepair. So whether your system or equipment has experienced a breakdown or you’re having issues with the picture or sound quality - we can help!

Routine Maintenance and Servicing 

At Livewire Systems we encourage all of our clients to keep ahead of the wear and tears in their system, with many choosing our maintenance and servicing package to give them peace of mind that their system is in top condition for when they need it.  

Aside from any maintenance requirements set out in British Standards, European Norms, licensing, or other regulations, all of which we undertake, we also offer a pro-active simple maintenance service that is cost-effective and available to all types of systems.

We have now expanded this offer of routine maintenance, servicing, and repair packages, to all sound and communication systems- even if they were not installed by us. As a result, our highly skilled team regularly attend to faults and failures which could have been averted if the system had been properly and regularly maintained by qualified technicians. A large number of these issues

would have begun with small faults and niggles that have quickly escalated to full-blown system failure. Regular maintenance allows for these issues to be prevented and to reduce the likelihood of system failures which can then become costly and inconvenient to repair.

During our maintenance and servicing package, our highly skilled team will thoroughly service your system and keep it performing to the highest standard possible. Our main priorities during these visits are to solve any concerns that you have and ensuring that the system is safe to use for all users.


Systems that we Regularly Service and Maintain

We regularly attend to a variety of systems that require maintenance and servicing such as:

  • Public Address and Tannoy
  • Sports Ground Emergency Public Address
  • Voice Evacuation and Alarm
  • Disabled Refuge and Toilet Alarms
  • Hearing Assistance and Induction Loops
  • Meeting room AV and Projectors 
  • Fitness Sound Systems
  • Special Intercom Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Sound Masking


How can we help you? 

We offer many sound and communication options to many different business sectors.

To discuss how your business could benefit from having a new installation or an existing system serviced or upgraded, contact our team via email, or call us directly on 01254 377 007.