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We often attend to system faults where a well cared for sound or communication system has developed a fault or failure and these can be avoided by having portable appliance testing. The sensitive nature of equipment used in sound and communication systems requires a careful approach to routine PAT testing or damage can occur. 

Our services are designed to fulfill your obligations whilst taking the best possible care of your equipment. Our fully trained and appropriately qualified engineers are not just testers with a basic qualification, instead, they are fully skilled installation, maintenance and test engineers that work on all of our systems so they see and understand the bigger picture, with PAT testing being just one part of their wider skill set. 


“The current law requires that all employers maintain portable appliances and ensure their safety. This is done through testing of the appliances to safeguard against damage and to make certain that these items perform properly.” 
-PAT Testing Regulations


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Our specialist PAT testing service can be very cost effective when combined with our maintenance or certification services.

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