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In addition to serving as lead contractor, we also regularly undertake second fix sound installation works, programming, commissioning and certification as a subcontractor to other fellow specialists. Being based in north west England, we often help to fulfil manufacturer or other specialist service obligations in a timely and cost effective manner by responding to customer issues on their behalf.
Our routine maintenance and reactive services are particularly popular where a lead contractor does not have the necessary skills, experience or time for in depth system analysis.
We are happy to work on any sound or communication system on a subcontract basis but usually find our experience and training working with the following manufacturers is in demand:
    • ASL (Application Solutions) - Vipedia, VAR routers
    • Baldwin Boxall Communications - Vigil, EVAS, Omnicare, Care2, 
    • Bosch - Praesidio
    • BSS - Soundweb
    • Cambridge Audio noise and sound masking
    • Hik Vision CCTV
    • Induction loop (AFILS) hearing assistance
    • Symmetrix - Jupiter routers
    • Yamaha - DME routers

Contact Our Team

We firmly recognise your position as lead contractor and operate in a professional, confidential, manner at all times. You can contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements via our contact page, via email hello@livewiresystems.co.uk or alternatively you can call our team on 01254  377 007.