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The CCTV tips we recommend.

The CCTV tips we recommend.

It's important for many business owners to consider if their CCTV system is working correctly. 

Whether your business uses internal cameras, external cameras or a combination of both, it is crucial that they remain a deterrent against crime inside and outside your business. 

There are a number of elements to consider if you want to guarantee that your CCTV is working as it did when it was first installed. 


1. Are they set to the right time?

A simple issue that can be easily resolved. CCTV can commonly become out of sync with 'real time' if there have been commissioning issues, if there has been an extended loss of power, or if simply the clocks have changed. Whether its a few minutes or a few days, this can cause a few headaches later down the line if you need the CCTV for evidence.


2. Are they positioned correctly, facing the right areas and covering wide ranges of space?

Sometimes it can feel as if you're needed everywhere at once- however this is sadly impossible. Your CCTV can act as an extra set of eyes, but if you've renovated your building or rearranged your warehouse you may have found that your cameras are no longer covering all areas of your property. Trained CCTV installers can ensure that your cameras are covering all the areas in and around your place of work and ensure that they help you to protect your customers.


3. Are they recording properly?

Are your cameras recording with lines across the screen or are they struggling to work at night? Or are they flickering and not showing the full picture? There are several elements that are set out in the UK Police Requirements for Digital CCTV Systems. These include requirements on quality, storage, export and playback.


How can we help you? 

We offer many sound and communication options to many different business sectors. We have years of experience installing and maintaining CCTV systems providing comprehensive protection for your workplace.

To discuss how your business could benefit from having a new installation or an existing system serviced or upgraded, contact our team via email, or call us directly on 01254 377 007.