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St Peter's at Stonyhurst Live Streaming Installation

St Peter's at Stonyhurst Live Streaming Installation

Covid-19 has drastically changed the world we know and love, and as a result we have all had to adapt. With new restrictions being announced all the time, the notion of having a gathering of people becomes less and less likely. Having been contacted by many of our clients at churches and mosques looking for solutions we set the wheels into motion and began work at St Peter's at Stonyhurst. 

Their idea was to set up a temporary live streaming system that would allow them to live stream their services onto YouTube so that everybody could be there virtually. As requested, this is what we provided as we installed 4 high quality yet affordable cameras inside St Peter's church meaning they could hold their very first 'virtual mass' 

We set up the equipment, explained the live streaming software to everybody involved, made sure everybody was up to speed and so began their first online 'virtual mass'. 

At Livewire we understand that some of the buildings we work in, like St Peter's at Stoneyhurst, are treasured pieces of history. For this reason we always do as much work as we can without making any permanent alterations to the brickwork. This means we will always avoid drilling holes in walls etc.. this is of course relative to the job and we will never forsake the quality of the installation but rest assured that we will always respect the customs, beliefs and architecture of your place of worship. St Peter's at Stonyhurst was in fact quite the achievement for our team of installers as we managed to complete the entire job without making a single permanent fixing hole. We as a company are immensely proud to have installers that consistently do a fantastic installation job whilst making as minimal mess as possible. 

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