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At Livewire Systems we understand that safety is the absolute top priority. For this reason we take great pride in installing, servicing and maintaining voice alarm and evacuation systems. These systems are crucial in so many industries and our team has over 20 years experience dealing with these systems, ensuring that they meet all the safety requirements and are maximised to their potential.
Voice Alarm systems are often referred to by a range of different names such as Voice Evacuation, VAPA or VEPA. These systems can provide a range of facilities and benefits other than simply broadcasting emergency messages. Traditional non-emergency announcements, spot adverts and background music can all be provided by these systems with comprehensive configuration possibilities.
With over 20 years experience in this sector, we are always keeping up to date with the latest and greatest ways to maximise these systems and we want to maximise yours next! We have installed these systems all over the country from Premier League and international Cricket grounds to hotels and cafes, our range of knowledge and expertise is unmatched.
If you need an installation of a new system, or need you existing system servicing or maintaining then please contact our dedicated team today:
Phone: 01254 377 007
Email: hello@livewiresystems.co.uk