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Azan Installation

Azan Control System Installation in a Blackburn Mosque


Our team are often contacted to design and install pieces of equipment that cannot be bought off the shelf. This week, we were privileged to be asked to install two new features at a local Mosque in Blackburn an Azan wall plate and a Mosque Control System. 

With the mosque being a huge part of the local community, we were asked to install an Azan Wall Plate which allows the Muezzin to call worshippers to prayer. We understand the importance of this therefore our team ensure that we always listen to the client and make sure these setups are installed to meet the needs of each individual Mosque. By working with the client, we designed and installed this Azan microphone to be flush to the wall to allow individuals to use this system easily without any issues. 


Whilst at this Mosque, we also installed a Mosque Control System. This installation was designed to allow users to control the system without needing to access the more complexed main system that is locked away. We produced this piece of equipment to meet the needs of the Mosque and it is designed to blend into the surrounding area with flush wall plates and to allow users to know if the system is turned on or off. 

We are delighted in the results of this installation, and we look forward to seeing people worshipping together in Mosques and other religious buildings again soon.  

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