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Sound Masking Installation at  YPAS in Liverpool

Sound Masking Installation at YPAS in Liverpool

We always love finding out about the places where we install and service systems, and this week's install was no different. We were called to help improve speech privacy at the Young Person's Advisory Service in Liverpool, and we are really impressed by the work of YPAS during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
Since 1966, the YPAS have ensured that they are there for young people, children and families by providing vital services to address mental health and emotional wellbeing services- and their fantastic team have continued to do so during the pandemic.  

Sound Masking Installation 

We were contacted by the YPAS to help improve privacy around interview and consulting rooms at their centre in Liverpool. We always enjoy fitting sound masking systems, and this installation was no different. It required our team to use an adaptive and flexible approach and to work alongside the older building and as they can be quite complex as they are - but the results are fantastic. 

Sound masking systems make conversations and other noises less audible and help to reduce noise distractions and how far conversations can be heard by emitting an ambient sound that has been specifically engineered to the same frequency of human speech.  

Our team have installed these revolutionary systems in various locations and types of building- as these systems can function beyond the standard offices, and our work can be seen in youth advisory centres, conference and meeting rooms, and helped to take privacy to a higher standard in these settings.  

You can find out more about our sound masking installations and servicing on our sound masking page 

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