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Webcasting System installed at St Peter's Church

Webcasting System installed at St Peter's Church

Over the past year, we have all had to think of innovative ways to continue spending time with the people we love and the communities that we are part of. For many places of worship, it has been a challenging time as they have been unable to meet as a congregation, and for some individuals, this may have been their first period not attending their Church.  

We were contacted by St Peter's Church in Darwen, to help create a webcasting setup that could be a permanent fixture within the church in a post- lockdown world. St Peter's Church have been actively going live with their services over the Easter period and have helped to bring hope and calm to people's lives with their Sunday services. If you want to be part of their fantastic services or prayers you can find them on Facebook 'St Peter's Church, Darwen, Lancashire'. 

Webcasting Systems 

While creating webcasting setups we were delighted on how versatile and flexible they can be. They can allow users to stream live to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously and can be stored for future reference or viewing. This is fantastic as it allows people to be able to remain part of their group or community during changing shift patterns, holidays, failed childcare arrangements, busy work periods and other elements that might mean that you would otherwise miss the service or event. They can join you live or later via their smartphone, tablets, iPad, laptop or computer and remain part of your community.  

We can see so much potential in these systems and we can see how they can help people and communities going forward out of the pandemic too. For some, it may help with wedding, christening and funerals where some members of the family are unable to attend because of existing illness or the distance, and for others it could be beneficial to businesses and council chambers that have meetings that people cannot attend, but may wish to.  

The technicality of these systems will be dependent on the user and the venue. Our team can install anything from a simple set up with one camera, to a setup that has multiple camera angles, audio integration with existing PA systems and is still simple to use (and don't worry we will show you how to work it and we're always on hand if you forget anything, or if you have any problems!) 


Do you want our help? 

Are you considering a webcasting installation for your venue? You can find out more about them here. To discuss how your business could benefit from having a new installation or an existing system serviced or upgraded, contact our team via email, or call us directly on 01254 377 007.