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Bringing Music Back To Local Restaurant.

Bringing Music Back To Local Restaurant.

During the pandemic many restaurants and businesses have remained closed, and for some, their music systems have not been used in over a year. We have been contacted by a variety of businesses that have reopened and discovered that their system is not working to its full abilities- whether this is zonal areas or a full system issue. 

Our team recently visited the fantastic Abdullah's restaurant in Rising Bridge. We were delighted to get their call, and we cannot wait to see their restaurant full of delighted customers again. Our team will certainly be visiting for some delicious food as soon as we can. 

Repairing Existing System 

Abdullah's restaurant contacted us regarding their background music system not working to its full potential, and we were happy to help. We understand the importance of having a music system that sounds brilliant and works correctly, therefore our team ensure that we always listen to the client and make sure these setups are installed to meet the needs of each individual business. By working with the client, we were able to inspect the system to find the faults and repaired these elements of the existing system. We are always dedicated to providing clean and tidy installations or repairs and try to keep all of wires in discreet places to ensure that they don't ruin the aesthetic of the business.  


The team at Abdullah's were left with a fantastic sounding background music that works correctly with no faults or issues, and they were also left with a team at Livewire looking forward to visiting for their delicious food.  

We love helping and supporting local and independent businesses, and we enjoy helping them to get back to work. If your business needs sound and communication system checking, repairing or if you want a fresh new installation contact us.  


How can we help you? 

We offer many sound and communication options to many different business sectors.

To discuss how your business could benefit from having a new installation or an existing system serviced or upgraded, contact our team via email, or call us directly on 01254 377 007